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About us

ASLE brings together technologies to bridge the gaps between agriculture, soil, land and environmental disciplines. It was founded on the principle of improving people’s lives through understanding nature and environmentally friendly technologies for agricultural production, soil remediation, land reclamation and clean environment.

We have been in the process of developing concepts and technologies and transforming them into products and services that promoted sustainable agriculture and its allied fields.

Currently, engaged in integrating new technologies to accommodate constantly changing demands of the agricultural markets. We strive to supply leading technologies (viz. improved crop nutrient management system, soil sensing, variable rate technologies and real time farm scouting), value services and products by understanding critical needs of our clients.

We work collaboratively with a wide range of partners to create the strong science, technology and entrepreneurial culture that industry needs to grow into new horizons in the Agriculture and its related industries.


Our agriculture program collaborates with industry, government and farmers to facilitate profitability and sustainability in crop production. We achieve this by identifying technologies, products and services that help growers to meet their needs and increase profits while maintaining environmental quality.

Our products range is unique to help meet the growing demands of today's world food production. We maintain competitive position through continued development in strategies on new formulations designed to better serve the farming communities.  

Our Ag-Research team conducts research and development projects aiming to provide farmers with safe and effective systems and products. The team investigates crop nutrient uptake, translocation and yield parameters.